Yuri’s Summer

“Yuuuuri, I gotta leave this minute! I can’t deal with how you’ll entertain yourself today. You are already 8 years old and should be self-sufficient. I’m going to miss my bus. My boss will be furious if I’m late. I’ll have to listen to his abusive lecture and at the end of the month will have to deal with a cut in my paycheck. I simply cannot help you.”

Yuri was sick of hearing it again. This was the daily conversation, more like a monolog, that he heard from his mother at 7:30 am since July 1. She left him a few sandwiches in the fridge, the remote control for the television and was gone. He was alone again just like last summer. And this year it was for 10 hours every day. It was lonely, he felt unloved, deserted and sad.

Yuri decided that this summer he MUST find something to do. Otherwise he would go out of his mind. He began to think of all the people in his life that cared about him. His father hadn’t spoken to him in 5 years, not too helpful. His grandparents all lived in another country, they were too far away. Then he remembered Mrs. Perkoff, his first grade teacher at Shuvu. She was the right person to talk to. She was always attentive, kind and treated him as if he was her own child.

This happened 18 years ago. It was Yuri, Misha, Alexandra, Ilya, and their Shuvu classmates. They were all home alone, left to their own devices and to the company the street would offer. As soon as Shuvu’s administration got wind of the fact that their students were unattended during the summer months they established the desperately needed summer camp program for boys and girls like Yuri.

Summer camps are a luxury in Israel. Shuvu’s typical parent cannot afford to pay for day camp so Shuvu fundraises from private individuals to cover this crucial program. Instead of dry sandwiches, sweltering apartments and undesirable company, our students now spend the summer months HAVING THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES! Delightful lunches, swimming, trips, sports, barbeques, and more have replaced the devastating summers of the past.

You can make a difference for a Yuri this year.

Click here to donate $70 to sponsor summer camp for an impoverished child for one week.




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