You can be my HERO!

A Shuvu camper

Although you don’t know me, I would like you to be my hero this summer. I am sure you are wondering why so I will tell you my story:


Natasha, Misha and I lived in Lod- the city in central Israel notorious for crime. Each family does the best they can to stay out of trouble. We also tried but weren’t able to avoid tragedy. One day my father was killed in front of us, his three children.

After the trauma of my father’s murder we had to relocate to Hadera. We are grateful to live in a peaceful city and are very fortunate that we transferred to a Shuvu School. Shuvu is our family and provides us with the emotional support we need to focus on our education and acclimate to our new environment.

We are beginning our summer vacation this week and we are praying very hard for you to step forward and become our HERO by sponsoring summer camp for us! My mom is raising us on her own and must also take care of her elderly mother. She can’t work. We manage without basic necessities. We don’t even have a refrigerator. Sometimes I wonder what we would put in it if we had one.

Please sponsor summer camp for one of my siblings. They desperately need to be in a safe, educational and constructive environment during our vacation and if we don’t go to camp we can’t afford to go swimming or on any trips this summer. Since we are still haunted by our father’s death, it is crucial for us to have a refreshing summer break before the new school year begins.

Click here to donate $140 to sponsor two weeks of summer camp for one of these orphans.


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