What happened to your childhood dreams?

A Shuvu student

Childhood was such a great time because our dreams had no limitations. We could conjure up a scene of ourselves walking on the moon just as easily as we could find ourselves at a Disney Park. The things we chose to dream about were inspired by a parent who cultivated our imagination and tolerated all those “experiments”, by teachers who encouraged our curiosity and set standards and by unique individuals we were lucky to encounter.

Some of life’s dreams materialize in their real form, like a dream vacation or car. But those are never the ones that bring us the most joy. They delight us for a day or a month. Perhaps it is the dreams that we don’t fulfill that we benefit from most. We might have dreamed of securing a position of leadership, honor or stature and it didn’t work out. What we got instead was humility and experience. Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want. Other achievements might have taken a whole generation to achieve when our child becomes what we always wanted to be.

One thing that is even more rewarding than fulfilling your own childhood dreams is enabling the dreams of others.

At Shuvu we are focused on fulfilling childhood dreams. Not our own, not those of our children, but the dreams of someone else’s child. We educate thousands of children each year but we remain focused on every individual.

Svetlana came to our Rishon Le’tzion school two weeks after she celebrated her baby brother’s birth. Unfortunately, it was a bittersweet celebration since her mother died shortly after childbirth. Svetlana always thought her mother would bring her to school the day she began first grade and continue to attend her school performances like she did during her pre-school years. We cannot bring her mother back but we can insure that Svetlana continues to have her father and grandparents by her side at every school event and doesn’t feel different then her classmates by inviting everyone’s grandparents to all events.

Our dream for Svetlana is that we enable her to fulfill all the dreams her mother had for her!

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(post inspired by Professor R. Pausch’s book “The Last Lecture”)



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