Shuvu’s Success Measured

The Szold Institute performed a study testing the effectiveness of the Waterford English Language software used in Shuvu schools. They evaluated children who used the software to study English, and children who studied English with traditional classroom instruction.

Shuvu’s students adore the Waterford program. It is engaging and exciting. They never want to bell to ring while in the Waterford computer lab. Each Waterford lab has 25 computers. Each class is allotted 45 minutes in the Waterford lab 2-3 times a week. The brilliant design of the software makes learning so much fun. These are some of the creative programs:

In one ABC program a tractor has to collect milk bottles on a farm. The children are prompted to collect only the bottles marked with a specific letter.

There are puzzles that students assemble with pieces marked with a specific letter.

There are science activities that cover astronomy, experiments, animals and much more.

The reading fluency program allows students to record themselves so that they and their teachers can listen to the recordings and monitor their progress.

There are direct instruction sessions, practice and assessment for each program. If a student does not follow the instructions successfully he gets new instructions with a different approach so the children never get bored. As soon as a student masters the material, the program presents him/her with new challenges. There are 750 hours of instruction, play and practice. It is truly an amazing and loved program.

The results of the Szold study were amazing. The children who studied English in the Waterford lab scored 30% percent higher on the standardized tests than those who studied English for the SAME number of hours by classroom instruction.

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