Shuvu UK Mission

In February 2014 a group of key UK Shuvu supporters will be spending several days to Israel on an inspiring Shuvu UK mission. The newly British Friends of Shuvu Young Committee have got straight to work in organising this trip and have been hugely successful in bringing along delegates to experience for themselves the warmth and unique atmosphere in Shuvu schools.


The Mission will be led spiritually by Dayan Abraham and attended by Shuvu’s chairman, David Blachman and Shuvu’s Executive Director, Nussi Plancey. They will also be joined by Shuvu’s Director in Israel, Rabbi Chaim Michoel Gutterman.


The group has a full itinerary planned including meeting with Members of the Knesset; participating in a high profile networking business breakfast with Israeli business leaders; as well as touring several of the many wonderful Shuvu schools throughout Israel to learn more about the work they do with the children.


‘After reading up on the inspirational work that Shuvu does, I cannot wait to see the schools and children in action’, said one delegate.


David Blachman expressed his delight at the dedication the Young Committee has shown in promoting the trip, resulting in the trip being oversubscribed. ‘They have worked so hard to ensure that this trip will be a great success, we are all looking forward to what we are sure will be an inspirational experience. We know we can expect a warm welcome from all the children’.


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