Shuvu Students Plant Trees for Tu Bishvat

In preparation for Tu Bishvat, the Shuvu Lod 4th and 5th grade boys planted trees this week in the Ben Shemen Forest near the city of Modiin.

The Shuvu Network, founded 22 years ago by Hagaon Harav Avrohom Yaakov Pam zt”l serves Russian and Israeli children from secular families in dozens of schools throughout Israel.

The Tu Bishvat planting was prefaced by special learning in the classrooms on the topic of “Shorashim” (roots), focusing on the roots of trees, and the rich roots of the members of Klal Yisroel.

The enjoyable excursion was held in conjunction with the Jewish National Fund (KK”L), now celebrating 111 years, and allowed the boys to appreciate and celebrate Tu Bishvat. Several parents accompanied their children, making the event a bonding activity as well.

The JNF representative who accompanied the children first explained the importance of cultivating the lands in Israel and read an emotional Tefilla “Birkas HaNote’a”, composed by the former Sefardi Chief Rabbi of Israel, Harav Ben Zion Chai Uziel zt”l.

Each two children were then given a pine seedling, and after digging a small pit with their hands, planted it into the moist ground.

Following the planting the children posed for a group photo, however at Shuvu instead of prompting the children with the word “cheese”, the teacher called out: “Talmidim! ‘Ki Ha’odom –” to which the children responded in unison “Etz Hasadeh!”, smiling widely for the photo.

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