In a first for Shuvu UK, 35 young, new supporters from the kehillah last week experienced an inspiring and profound trip to Eretz Yisroel where they visited a range of Shuvu’s programmes and facilities. Arranged by the recently created Shuvu-UK Young Committee, chaired by Yossi Cope, the three day trip immersed delegates into Israel’s one-of-a-kind education, welfare and kiruv network. The delegation was led spiritually by Dayan Abraham Shlita and hosted by Shuvu-UK’s Chairman, David Blachman and Shuvu’s Israel Director, Rav Chaim Michoel Gutterman. Shuvu-UK Chair, Mr Blachman said, “we always knew that a hands-on experience would be the only way to truly appreciate the essence, impact and scope of Shuvu and we’re particularly delighted and grateful that on the last day, delegates committed to help funding new high School Classes to be started next year in the Bat Yam and Lod School’s, ( initial cost £65,000). I’m very much looking forward to seeing the growth of Shuvu-UK with such a committed group of supporters behind us.” Shuvu Director, Israel, Rav Gutterman said, “It was a privilege to be able to share the work of Shuvu with our newest UK supporters — 35 additional members of the Shuvu family! It was an honour to experience Dayan Abraham speaking to the students, giving them encouragement and chizuk and so clearly grasping the vital work undertaken by Shuvu.


Together ij”h we will strive to fulfil the dream of our founder Rabbi Pam zt”l – to give a Chinuch kodesh Lezera kodes B’eretz hakodesh.” Dayan Abrahams said ‘It was an unforgettable and truly inspirational experience, which served to show all the participants how Shuvu’s Torah chinuch and values are revolutionising the lives and reawakening the neshamos of the thousands of children in the Shuvu school network, providing them with the spiritual opportunities denied to their parents and grandparents.’ They were privileged to travel to Bnei Brak to meet with the Gedolei Yisroel including Harav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita. A packed itinerary also included meeting prominent MK’s at the Knesset, Shuvu advocates who understand the impact that the movement has had on the education and welfare infrastructure in Israel.

They were welcomed by the Speaker, Yuli Edelstein Likud, and met MK Gafni, from UTJ, Deputy Speaker Yoni Shetbon and MK Habayit Hayehud. Amongst the delegates there was unanimity that the pinnacle of the trip was directly experiencing Shuvu’s schools and programmes in action, engaging with inspirational children, parents and teachers. Delegate Danny Blum said, “the whole trip was completely mind-blowing. It would be impossible to convey the incredible impact the unique Shuvu education has had on the children without seeing it first-hand. Josh Morhaim, another delegate said, “every part of the trip was inspirational and well thought out, but the highlight for me was seeing the love in the teachers’ eyes for all their pupils.”

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