Shuvu Marks 3rd Yahrtzeit of Lord Steinberg z”l

The Shuvu High School in Tel Aviv commemorated the Yahrtzeit of Lord Leonard Steinberg z”l on the 16th of Cheshvan, three years since his sudden passing.

The Steinberg family have been supporters of the Shuvu network of Schools in Israel and as Director Rabbi Chaim Michoel Gutterman explained, “Our marking the Yahrtzeit is the least we can do to show our great gratitude towards the Steinberg family and its patriarch, Lord Steinberg z”l”.

Rav Gutterman gave the Shuvu Tel Aviv High School students a brief biographical sketch of Lord Steinberg’s remarkable life. He referred to the great Chessed that Lord Steinberg was involved in within the Manchester Kehilla in particular and in world Jewry in general. Rav Gutterman emphasized the great Jewish pride Lord Steinberg always felt, and instructed the boys to emulate his ways.

Following Rav Gutterman’s words the School Rabbi spoke. Shuvu launched its School Rabbis program at the UK dinner one year ago in the presence of Israeli Sephardi Chief Rabbi Shlomo Moshe Amar Shlit”a. Within this framework, many of the Shuvu schools now have a School Rabbi who greatly strengthens the connection with the Shuvu parents. The School Rabbis deliver weekly Shiurim to the Shuvu families, and arrange Seminars and activities for the children and their families.

The School Rabbi in the Shuvu Tel Aviv school, Rav Moshe Halberstadt, explained to the boys the significance of a Yahrtzeit and the importance of Davening (praying) in his memory.

Standing before a poster of Lord Steinberg z”l, Rav Gutterman lit a Yahrtzeit candle in his memory.

The principal of the school Rav Yehoshua Milner then introduced the next speaker, a student of the school who rose to learn a Mishna from Tractate Sukkah, in memory of Lord Steinberg. The 8th grader even offered his very own interpretations to the Mishna! Quite a remarkable achievement from a boy who not so long ago had a very limited Jewish background, and a tribute to the success of a Shuvu education.

The meaningful ceremony ended with Tehillim (Psalms) recited by the Shuvu boys in memory of Lord Steinberg and a most emotional Mincha (afternoon services) prayed together.

A most worthy memorial for Lord Steinberg z”l.

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