Shuvu Chanukah Campaign

Shuvu launched a new Chanukah campaign this year!

In order to encourage the children to light candles every night and enjoy doing so as a family experience, the children were encouraged to send photographs of themselves lighting Chanukah candles with their families and then email them to Shuvu.

Every child who would do so would receive a prize and also enter two raffles: one of the participants of his or her Shuvu school, and the second, a grand raffle of all the Shuvu schools together!

The more photos sent, the more raffle tickets to be received! Those who’d send a photo from each of the 8 nights would thus receive 8 raffle tickets!

The prizes were quite impressive with the local school raffle including cameras, basketballs, soccer balls and ping pong sets, and the grand raffles including bicycles and a grand prize of a flight throughout Israel with 2 family members or friends!

The response was heartwarming! Thousands of photos were received from the children showing the enjoyment they had lighting together as a family, as a loving and togetherness experience!

Click Here to See Chanukah Photos


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