Shuvu Bar Mitzvah Celebration a Huge Success

Shuvu’s annual communal Bar Mitzvah celebration for 180 of our students throughout the country took place on May 22nd.

Knowing that many of Shuvu’s children’s families will not be making celebrations for their children, either due to financial restraints or to lack of knowledge, Shuvu fills this void and arranges a festive day for these children too.

The boys from the Shuvu schools were all bussed to Jerusalem in the morning to begin their special day. They congregated in the Kaliver Halls where several boys delivered Bar Mitzvah speeches and thanked Shuvu for allowing them to celebrate their reaching this milestone.

Shuvu was honored to have the renowned Chassidic Rabbi, the Kaliver Rebbe, address the boys. Despite his frail health at the time, the Kaliver Rebbe did not forgo the opportunity to address the Shuvu boys. “For Shuvu boys I must speak” he remarked.

Not only did the Rebbe inspire with his words, but also with a special tune he taught which he composed himself, to the words “Shema Yisrael“! The boys were all mesmerized hearing the Rebbe tell his courageous tale of survival during the holocaust and his seeing that only through faith were they able to survive.

The Bar Mitzvah boys sang, danced and enjoyed their festive Bar Mitzvah meal before moving on to the second part of the day – the Old City of Jerusalem.

The boys were divided into groups. Each toured a different area of the Old City but all ended off at the same time and at the same place – the Kotel.

It was there that Shuvu’s Chairman Mr. Abe Biderman joined the Bar Mitzvah celebrations, as did the Rabbi of the Kotel Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, and USA Shuvu Board Member and supporter Mr. Elly Kleinman and his wife Brochie.

Mr. Kleinman spoke on behalf of the Shuvu board and gave words of encouragement to the boys as they begin their manhood journey. He referred to the Shuvu children as “the future of the Jewish nation”, and said that he prays for them as he does for his own children and receives Nachas from them as he does from his own children. He ended his words saying “Trust in Hashem – and you will excel!

Following the inspiring speeches the distinguished guests distributed pairs of Tefillin and Siddurim to the Bar Mitzvah boys. Every Shuvu boy receives a pair of Tefillin from Shuvu upon reaching Bar Mitzvah age. To date we have distributed over 2,000 pairs of Tefillin to our students! We are most grateful to our generous supporters who allow us to continue this initiative.

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