Parents Regaining Their Jewish Identity

Shuvu is not an ordinary school.

Not only does Shuvu educate way and beyond the school hours, but it also extends its effects to the families of the students.

Many parents who grew up in the FSU were deprived themselves of their Jewish identity. While their children are provided with this in their Shuvu schools, what about the parents? How will they learn of their rich heritage? Shuvu provides for them as well, and this past year has arranged several educational and enjoyable weekend seminars for its students’ families.

The most recent of these seminars took place last week at the beautiful Golden Crown Hotel in the northern city of Natzrat, and it was our biggest one yet with 120 Shuvu families! Most of the families were parents of Shuvu Rishon Letzion students with some from Shuvu Petach Tikva and Shuvu Jerusalem.

The principals of the Shuvu schools and their spouses joined the Shuvu families in this seminar. This first of all allowed a beautiful get together for the staff, but no less important, gave them a firsthand understanding of how the seminars work. How basic Jewish identity is instilled in Shuvu families over just a short weekend.

The weekend included several lecturers who spoke to the parents until the wee hours of the night. They spoke about the meaning of being a Jew, basic Jewish tenets, and family unity. The parents lapped up the material which was presented in a most enjoyable and entertaining manner.

Throughout the weekend the families enjoyed the hotel amenities which recharged their batteries between the lectures. They also enjoyed the festive meals with the special relaxed atmosphere of a “Shabbat meal” including singing Shabbat songs with the family sitting together. Several families reported later that they had never before experienced a Shabbat meal with the family spending time together, and they loved it!

On a previous seminar several weeks earlier, 90 Shuvu families spent the weekend at the Bali Hotel in Tiberias. Most of these families were from Shuvu Netanya, with some from Shuvu Be’er Sheva and Shuvu Rechovot.

Mrs. Anna Shilkrot, principal of Shuvu Netanya, who joined the seminar, commented later: “The lectures were on the highest of levels. It was just an excellent and uplifting experience for all!”

Yet another Shuvu seminar which took place earlier catered to 90 families of Shuvu Bat Yam!

These seminars are greatly appreciated by the Shuvu families. They gain tremendously in an enjoyable atmosphere, and by the end of the weekends usually ask for more! We’re trying to arrange more and more seminars in the future to accommodate all Shuvu families and allow them all to learn about their heritage.

Please allow us to continue bringing Jewish education to our children and their families. Donate and Support Shuvu!

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