A Shuvu Petach Tikva student who excelled in English Language studies

We all want to be outliers. If you don’t it’s probably because you don’t know what an outlier is. Bill Gates is an outlier and so is Steve Jobs. Outliers are individuals who realize such incredible accomplishments and they radically deviate from the normal achievements of their peers. They are so extraordinary that they are as perplexing as a cold day in the summer.

People mistakenly think that outliers are successful because they are smart or talented. But IQ level and skills alone do not produce outliers. It is the extraordinary events (or people) that an individual was privileged to experience that enables him or her to become an outlier. Bill Gates had a computer in his classroom in 1969. Steve Jobs grew up in the center of Silicon Valley. As a child he frequented the local flea markets which sold computer parts when the computer was just becoming popular. If he had a question while assembling an electronic gadget he was able to call Hewlett or Packard who lived down the block. These were not insignificant occurrences. They were some of the experiences that enabled these two men to become outliers. They simply had opportunities that others did not.

The question we must ask ourselves as parents, educators, or employers is what are we doing that can help our charges develop and become outliers. It’s worth thinking about.

Shuvu’s School Network focuses on providing an extraordinary educational experience. Our holistic approach includes supreme education as the base supplemented with lunches, transportation, welfare services, emotional support, parent classes, after school activities, chess competitions and an environment that cultivates excellence. Environment matters. Success is grounded in environments.

We want our students to be the outliers of the next generation and are doing everything we can to insure that they will be. Some of our alumni already are!

(source: Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers and a Q&A interview)

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