Netanya, Nazareth and Mount Sinai

Last Wednesday it all came together. 180 Shuvu students and their parents from our Netanya School celebrated Shavuot, the holiday that commemorates the Torah giving on Mount Sinai, in the Gardenia Hotel in Nazareth. The theme was “A Successful Marriage and Successfully Educating Children”. Rabbi Keinan, co-coordinator of the event and director of Tzohar, was amazed at how receptive the parents were to learn about their Jewish Heritage. It was clear to him that Shuvu’s schools had a significant impact on the parents’ spiritual quest. By the time it was over we were all bursting with pride as each family made a personal commitment to observe a specific mitzvah (commandment). These are some of the seminars heroic parents:

Shura, a young mother, shared why she had chosen to send her child to a Shuvu School. “You know why I sent my son to Shuvu? Because my cousin is a librarian in the Netanya Public Library and she told me that even when there are 300 children in the library she can always determine which are Shuvu students. Their behavior is exceptional!”

Mikhael walked up to the podium and made his personal commitment: “My girlfriend and I have decided to have a Jewish marriage”.

Natasha came to the closing event determined to adhere to a long term commitment to the Laws of Family Purity.

Iliya declared that his mornings will now begin with Tefillin (phylacteries). From now on, he would don Tefillin daily and start his day with this special commandment.

Svetlana lamented that only her younger daughter merited to attend a Shuvu school and begged the staff to recommend a school for her older daughter that would instill Jewish Heritage just like Shuvu does.

Marina insisted on speaking to Rabbi Gutterman, Shuvu’s devoted director. “I know we have just attended a seminar and there are thousands of parents waiting to attend future seminars, but I beg you, please please coordinate additional seminars for our group. We are craving for more!”

We couldn’t have summed it up better. All the Shuvu parents left the seminar asking to learn more. More about their Jewish Heritage, more about mitzvah observance and more about how G-d wants them to lead their lives as Jewish families.

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