Menorah Grammar School Pupils Generously Donate Tefillin to Shuvu Akko Pupils



Menorah Grammar School Pupils Generously Donate Tefillin to Shuvu Akko Pupils


Dayan Abraham and David Blachman attended the End of Term Siyum at Menorah Grammar School in London and were presented with two sets of tefillin for boys at Shuvu schools in Israel.  Many of Shuvu’s families do not have the means to purchase tefillin for their sons when they become Bar Mitzvah.  Instead, each day these boys must borrow from the school or share other people’s tefillin in order to daven.  The Menorah year 8 pupils saved their Bar Mitzvah presents, tzedakah and pocket money to buy them.  The grateful recipients, Daniel Padirko and Refael Davidian of Shuvu Akko School, wrote personal thank you letters to the boys, expressing their joy at receiving their very own pair of Tefillin that they will continue to use every day!

Avi Shapiro  presenting tefillin to Dayan Abraham and David Blachman from Shuvu

Avi Shapiro, the first boy to be Bar Mitzvah in the year represented the class and presented the tefillin to Dayan Abraham and David Blachman from Shuvu.  (See picture left)


Rabbi Dovid Sulzbacher, principal of Menorah Grammar School, explained that the boys understand that they are indeed very privileged and wanted to share their good fortune with disadvantaged boys, who otherwise would not have the opportunity to have their own tefillin.


Dayan Abraham was the inspirational guest speaker, he spoke about symbolism of the Menorah, explaining to the boys that the branches of it join together representing the achdus of the Jewish People and the true friendship of the pupils, twinning with those less fortunate at Shuvu Akko, especially at this difficult time for those in Israel.


British Friends of Shuvu Chairman, David Blachman, presented framed letters of thanks to the school from Daniel and Refael, which will be hanging in pride of place in the school when the pupils return to start the new term in September.  Mr Blachman told the boys about Shuvu, as it strives to provide nurturing surroundings for underprivileged children and instil Jewish pride in all its students from diverse backgrounds.  He also stressed the immense importance of the wonderful mitzvah of tefillin and the special significance that the boys’ gifts would have for the beneficiaries in Israel.


Menorah Grammar School Year 8 Boys, Dayan Abraham and David Blachman 2

The photograph (above) shows Year 8 Pupils at Menorah Grammar School, Dayan Abraham and David Blachman with the framed thank you letters.


Daniel Padirko  Refael Davidian (2)


(Above left) Refael Davidian, who lives in Kiryat Motzkin parents are from Russia and (above right) Daniel Padirko, who has studied at Shuvu since 1st grade.  They were the recipients of tefillin generously donated by the boys of year 8 at Menorah Grammar School.





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