Let’s Not Forget Our Girls! Shuvu annual Bat Mitzvah

Just a week and a half after the Shuvu Boys’ Bar Mitzvah celebration, over 300 Shuvu girls celebrated their Bat Mitzvah together.

The 6th grade girls of the Shuvu schools throughout Israel were all bussed in to Jerusalem, to one of the largest and most beautiful synagogues in the world – The Grand Belzer Synagogue.

The day began with the girls viewing a most emotional film about the beauty of a Jewish home. They saw a mother lighting Shabbat candles, families sitting together at festive meals and spending quality time together. During the subsequent music the girls all sang along enthusiastically, while waving their raised arms to and fro, totally getting into it!

Our Educational Director Mrs. Brocha Weinberger then addressed the crowd. “You are the future of the Jewish nation!” she exclaimed to the young girls who sat mesmerized in their chairs. “You are all proud of being Jewish, and we are so proud of you! Just as proud as we are of our own children!”

Mrs. Weinberger also mentioned Shuvu’s long-term commitment to all of its students, even after graduating. Several days earlier Shuvu had single-handedly “married off” a graduate who simply did not have the means. Shuvu never forgets its students.

Even years after graduating, the contact between principals and other staff members and the students is as strong as ever. “We never stop being there for our children, and we’ll never stop being there for our Shuvu children”, said Mrs. Weinberger.

More Jewish music was played, and the atmosphere was majestic. The 12 year old girls had never before felt so special, so royal!

Later, Shuvu’s Director Rabbi Chaim Michael Gutterman lit a candle and the girls all followed, with a candle of their own. At this point they were encouraged to pray their own individual prayer. Then the lights were turned off. The girls were all standing up, each holding her own lit candle. “Our Jewish flame will never be extinguished!” he exclaimed.

Rabbi Gutterman then emphasized that it is not just one celebration for 300 girls, but rather 300 individual celebrations, together. “Every girl is unique and has her own, special, entering womanhood. We celebrate together, but every girl is a world of her own.”

Following the speeches the girls toured the beautiful Grand Belzer Synagogue which left deep impressions on each and every one of them, received a Siddur and enjoyed a festive Bat Mitzvah luncheon.

All these combined to ensure that Shuvu’s annual Bat Mitzvah celebration will be one that the girls will cherish forever and never forget. The day they stood up proudly as they became full fledged members of the Jewish nation. A day ingrained in them for the rest of their lives.

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