Great Success at Shuvu’s 23rd Annual USA Dinner

Shuvu held its 23rd annual dinner at The Palace in Brooklyn, NY this month. The many hundreds of participants included many prominent businessmen from the New York area, distinguished Rabbis, Shuvu USA Board Members, and the heads of Shuvu including Co-Chairmen Abe Biderman and Yossi Hoch, Director Rabbi Chaim Michael Gutterman, and Chairman of Shuvu UK David Blachman. The main address was delivered by Rabbi Meir Pam, grandson of the founder of Shuvu Rabbi Abraham Pam zt”l.


The Honorary Chairman of the dinner was renowned philanthropist R’ Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz from Los Angeles. Dinner Chairmen were David Wolfson (grandson of Mr. Zev Wolfson z”l, one of Shuvu’s greatest supporters) and Rabbi Naftali Miller (grandson of Rabbi Pam zt”l), and Journal Chairmen were Nussi Motechin and Ari Hoch (son of Chairman Yossi Hoch).


Chairman David Wolfson opened the evening by saying that his late grandfather was very particular as to which organizations to support. “And now that I’ve learned closely of Shuvu’s activities I can certainly understand why he chose to support Shuvu. What they do for the children in Israel is incredible.”


At the dinner, Shuvu paid tribute to its School Rabbis Project headed by Rabbi Yehuda Butterman. Over the past two years since its inception, this initiative has earned a wonderful reputation among the Shuvu students and their parents. For all practical purposes these 14 Rabbis within the Shuvu schools throughout Israel, act as community Rabbis of the Shuvu parents, assisting the families in their questions and needs regarding Jewish practice and philosophy.


The Shuvu Beit Shemesh High School for Girls was dedicated at the USA Dinner in memory of Mrs. Sarah Devorah Pam a”h, wife of Rabbi Aron Pam (eldest son of Rabbi Pam zt”l). The unveiling ceremony at the school will take place IY”H within the next few months in the presence of politicians, Rabbis, the heads of Shuvu, the school’s staff and of course the student body.


One of the most moving moments of the evening took place when Rabbi Gutterman told the story of “Rabbi Pam’s Donation Going a Long Way” (please scroll down to see this remarkable story posted earlier!) and then surprised the crowd when he called on the newly married groom Ariel who together with his wife Chana Penina were sitting in the crowd. Ariel went on to state how grateful he is to Shuvu for not only the excellent education given to its students but also for providing him with such a wonderful bride!




















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