Chizuk and Inspiration on Shuvu USA Mission

Last week a group of key Askanim and Shuvu supporters spent several days on an inspiring Shuvu USA mission to Eretz Yisrael.

The Mission was headed by Shuvu’s co-chairmen, R’ Avrohom Biderman and R’ Yossi Hoch, and led spiritually by Harav Ezra Rodkin Shlita of Flatbush. They were also joined by Shuvu’s Director in Eretz Yisroel, Rav Chaim Michoel Gutterman and R’ Nussi Plancey who was recently appointed Executive Director of the Shuvu UK office and responsible for the upcoming Shuvu UK Mission this coming February IY”H, to be led by Dayan Abraham Shlita.

In addition to receiving priceless Brachos from Gedolei Yisroel Harav Aharon Leib Steinman Shlita, Harav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita and Harav Dovid Abuchatzeira Shlita who all also praised the Shuvu network, they also visited Mekomos Hakedoshim and several of the many Shuvu schools throughout Israel.

They began in the Shuvu School in Bat Yam where they heard several 6th grade boys discuss Mishnayos Maseches Brachos that they were learning. They also met with the English teacher in the school, Mrs. Etty Moshayev, who started out herself as a student in Shuvu Rishon Letzion. After seeing the unparalleled love and devotion by her Shuvu teachers she decided to emulate them and now leads a completely Chareidi lifestyle. The Mission participants then affixed Mezuzahs on a new Shuvu Bat Yam kindergarten and heard the deputy mayor, Uri Buskila praise the Avodas Kodesh of Shuvu.

In the Shuvu School in Netanya the Mission participants celebrated a classroom dedication by AJ and Zipporah Ginsburg, known figures in the Kiruv world. Here too they heard the children answer questions beautifully on the material learned in Limudei Kodesh, and speak of their affection of Shuvu.

In Shuvu Hadera the group celebrated the dedication of a kindergarten in memory of Mrs. Libu Eckstein of Manchester. Representing the family was R’ Binyomin Eckstein who mentioned that there is no better way to perpetuate his mother’s memory than the dedication of a Shuvu kindergarten, “raising Doros upon Doros with Yiddishkeit”.

In Shuvu Natzrat Illit the Mission participants met with the city Rav, Harav Yeshaya Herzel Shlita and with Mayor Shimon Gafsou who despite being Election Day in Israel, made the special effort to come and participate in the festive opening ceremony of the new high school wing in the school.

The group also visited the Shuvu school in Be’er Yaakov, and in Shuvu Petach Tikva heard Tel Aviv Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau speak of Shuvu’s concern for the future of Am Yisroel.

In several locations the participants also met with the Kiruv Directors of the schools. These Rabbis use the platform of the schools to reach out to the parents with weekly Shiurim which have gained tremendous popularity with marked success.

Two exclusive dinners were also highlights of the Mission. At the first AJ Ginsburg and his partner R’ Chezky Elstein of the Roots organization distributed 50 pairs of Tefillin to Shuvu Bar Mitzvah boys. Special guests at this dinner included Harav Moshe Silberberg, MK Rav Eli Yishai (Shas) and Guest Speaker Harav Avrom Chaim Feuer.

The second dinner celebrated Yitzchok Rozenberg, son of R’ Jerry Rozenberg, giving a pair of Tefillin to a student of Shuvu Akko. Harav Pinchas Breuer was the Guest Speaker and praised Shuvu as the ultimate long term investment.

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