Chief Rabbi Amar Guest of Shuvu UK

The Shuvu Network of schools was recently priviliged to have the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Harav Shlomo Moshe Amar participate in its exclusive dinner in the UK.

The unique event took place at the beautiful Pillar Hotel in Hendon. Major long time UK Shuvu supporters participated as did new supporters. Shuvu Co-Chairman Dr. Joseph Hoch came in specially from New York to particpate as well.

An 11th grade student from the Shuvu Petach Tikva High School, Shiran Shumianov, participated in the event as well, and told her story of having been born to Bucharian parents unaware of their Jewish heritage, but thanks to Shuvu now enjoys a rich knowledge and sense of her Jewish identity.

The Chief Rabbi and other UK Rabbis who participated praised the work of Shuvu, including Dayan Yonasan Abraham who commented that in his opinion, Shuvu is, without exaggeration, the most important educational project in Israel today.

During his short stay in the UK, Chief Rabbi Amar also particpated in a Shuvu breakfast reception in the Nancy Ruben School and visited the Od Yosef Chai Synagogue and leading Jewish schools including Hasmonean and Yavneh College.

The visit of the Chief Rabbi left a deep impression on the Shuvu activists in the UK and displayed the great appreciation that exists for the network.




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