Anya’s Passover Seder

Our high school girls learning to lead a Passover Seder


Anya’s father didn’t let her organize a Passover Seder at home. Fearing his wrath, she waited up until after he was fast asleep to celebrate the special Jewish Holiday. When silence prevailed, she agilely slipped behind the curtain and settled on the window sill to conduct her seder under the glow of the Acco street lights. She melodiously sang through the Russian Haggadah, drank wine and ate matzot exactly as she had observed at Shuvu’s model seder.

Pleased with her success Anya conducted her seder the following year at the same time and place. When her sister was old enough to join her and there wasn’t enough place on the window sill, she led the seder on the porch. Proud of her heritage and unwavering in her commitment to Judaism, Anya has not missed a seder in years!

Anya is just one of our students who would not know how to conduct a seder nor have the basic Passover foods without our annual model seder and our food allocation (this year distributed to over 6,000 families). Despite their young ages it is essential for Shuvu children to learn how to conduct a seder since most of them lead the seder for their parents. It is the parents who ask the questions, and the children who provide the answers. With only a rare exception, parents are usually happy to cooperate with their children who fill their homes with rich Jewish tradition.

This Passover Shuvu added handmade matza to the food packages. Many of the students had never tasted this type of matza and it was very a special treat for them!

At our Lod School students were elated to go home with their all-inclusive Passover package. As they left for the holiday vacation they told our principal, Mrs. Michal Huminer, “Hurray! We are so excited, now we’ll be able to have Matza on Passover!”

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