A Second Vote of Confidence

Dr. Tzameret is seated at far left

Shuvu is very proud to share the letter Dr. Tzvi Tzameret, Director of Pedagogic Affairs at the Ministry of Education, sent to Shuvu’s pricipal of our Netanya school:

The State of Israel

Ministry of Education

Director of Pedagogic Affairs


Mrs. Anna Shilkrot

Principal, Shuvu Netanya

4 Hashomer St.


Shalom Rav,

I was most impressed during my visit on 16 Iyar (20/5/2011) in your Shuvu Netanya School:

I was impressed with the dedicated and caring educational staff.

I was impressed with the conversations with the parents, who told of their pride in the school.

I was impressed with the conversations with the students in all of the classes.

More and more I sense that the Shuvu network, which I merited to become familiar with this year, is a most important educational network.

The combination of educating towards tradition and educating towards modernity – is wonderful.

Your ability to integrate the children of immigrants with the children of natives, children of religious families with children of non-religious families – is essential to the future of the State.

Most importantly: The direction of your education, that one on hand does not give in at all on becoming closer to the Torah of our Forefathers, while on the other hand cares to cultivate basic subjects which will assist in integrating within the future workplace such as computers and English beginning in 1st and 2nd grades – is correct in my opinion.

My dear Anna, I was very moved by your statement:

“When I was in the USSR I dreamed of Am Yisroel, Eretz Yisroel and the State of Israel. I strive to educate for these here as well”.

May your/their method succeed!

I very much hope that both the Ministry of Education and the Netanya Municipality will assist you in this.

With Blessings,

Dr. Tzvi Tzameret

Director of Pedagogic Affairs

Cc: Mrs. Miriam Fierberg, Mayor of Netanya

Mrs. Tova Dolev, Head of Educational Dept., Netanya Municipality

Rabbi Chaim Michoel Gutterman, Director, Shuvu Network

Rabbi Nissan Kaplan, National Supervisor, Shuvu Network

Mr. Menachem Kaplan, External Consultant for Shuvu Network

Mr. Yehuda Pinsky, Director of Division A, Recognized Unofficial Schools

Mrs. Ruth Almaliach, Supervisor for Recognized Unofficial Schools

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