Vote of Confidence


Dr. Tzameret (center) with his team. A traffic safety campaign placard seen in background.

Dr. Tzvi Tzameret never got such a welcome. As Director of Pedagogic Affairs in the Ministry of Education, he has visited scores of classrooms but the classic Shuvu students’ greeting resounding in each classroom with the children rising from their chairs and calling out “We welcome the important guests” -was a first.

Dr. Tzameret’s visit was initiated by Dr. Weil, Director of The Bracha Foundation and a sponsor of Shuvu’s unique “Waterford” program.

This computerized program is designed to teach math, science and English as a second language. The language program focuses on vocabulary, grammar and American dialect.

The visitors were amazed at the effective results of the “Waterford” program, the high level of general studies and the exceptional behavior of the students. Shuvu’s success with discipline distinguished its schools from Israeli public schools where discipline is failing. While observing a mathematics class, Dr. Tzameret was so mesmerized that he had to literally be pulled out of the classroom to continue the tour.

As he completed his tour, Dr. Tzameret announced that he would consider recommending “Waterford” for all schools in Israel. Additionally, in a vote of confidence in Shuvu, after his visit he approved two Shuvu schools (Lod and Netanya) as “Experimental Schools“. These schools are monitored by the Ministry to determine how they achieve outstanding results. The Ministry is then able to implement these successful models into other schools throughout Israel.

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