Update on Timothy Sanikov who performed at the British Friends dinner

Timothy just graduated 6th grade in Shuvu Bat Yam. Despite his young age, he is already an acclaimed singer and has travelled worldwide to sing in concerts, including the British Friends of Shuvu Gala Dinner, and compete in competitions.


At his class’ recent Chumash Siyum the teacher bought pizza for the students. Timothy didn’t realize that they’d be having pizza and earlier that day ate a salami sandwich. When the teacher later gave out the pizza, Timothy told her that he didn’t want any. But what boy doesn’t want pizza? She asked him why he didn’t want any, to which he admitted that he was fleishigs. Upon hearing this, the entire class stood up and clapped in his honour! Although Timothy is very used to receiving applause after his performances, he said later that that clapping was the most meaningful he ever experienced!


At their graduation ceremony, a well-known singer Yoni Elitzur was playing the guitar and singing. Timothy got up and asked if he could join him, and suggested they together sing his favourite song – “Baruch Elokeinu Shebra’anu Lichvodo, Vehivdilanu min Hato’im!” The whole class rose together and joined them dancing and singing these meaningful words. Timothy’s mother later said “Toda Raba, you gave me back my son. Until he enrolled in Shuvu he was a big shot with no Derech Eretz and no respect for his parents. He insisted on having very long hair. Now he respects us and is a true Mensch – and he even cut his hair short!”

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