Air Force Instructor

Air Force students praying at their Shuvu school

“We have to decide which school we want to send Orel to next year” is how Shasha began the morning conversation every day. Mira had her standard reply ready “no school in our city is good enough for Orel. He needs something very special. We need a school that will develop his leadership skills, a school that will introduce him to his Jewish Heritage and prepare him for the elite Israeli Air Force. This type of school has not been invented yet.”

And then Mira came across Shuvu. At first she refused to believe that they could live up to her requirements. She didn’t think it was possible, she wanted the ultimate and deep down knew it didn’t really exist. She was just holding out for the absolute best for her only son and only child, Orel.

The rest is history. Orel was an outstanding student at Shuvu’s elementary school in Arad. His teachers lovingly polished his sterling character and introduced him to his Jewish Heritage. He loved every minute of school and his grades reflected his efforts. Orel never really left Shuvu. Although he attended the Israeli Air Force Technical High School in Arad he still came to pray with his Shuvu classmates. Orel stood out in his new environment and quickly assumed a leadership position among his peers. He was responsible for a group of Air Force high school students’ after school activities.

Today, Orel meets his teacher from Shuvu at frequent intervals to discuss his career as an instructor at the Tel Nof Air Force Base and to discuss his Jewish Heritage. Most recently Orel convinced his Aunt and Uncle to transfer their son Michael to Shuvu’s elementary school in Arad. He told them they are missing the opportunity of a lifetime. A school that is a home away from home, a school that builds leaders, a school that teaches Jewish Heritage and most of all a school whose teachers are there for you forever!