Entering the Covenant

Arthur at the Kotel

Arthur Kortaliarov entered the operating room. This was a procedure he had been waiting for but his anxiety was palpable. After what felt like eternity, two men entered the room. A surgeon and a Mohel.

Although Arthur was 14 years old he had not had a Brit Milah. His Russian parents planned on circumcising him when he was eight days old, however he contracted jaundice and the Brit was postponed numerous times. It was at the Shuvu Ashkelon School that Arthur learned about his Jewish Heritage and the covenant, Brit, between the Jewish Nation and G-d. He realized he could not live as a Jew unless he had a Brit Milah.

The Shuvu staff and Rav Aharon Tzadikov, an activist working in Shuvu on behalf of the Wolfson foundation, supported Arthur throughout the spiritual, physical and emotional preparations before entering the Brit of Avrohom Avinu. As Rav Tzadikov escorted Arthur into the operating room, he encouraged him: “Arthur, you are a hero! You’ve come so far! And in just a little while you’ll be a strong, eternal link on the chain of rich Jewish tradition lasting thousands of years!”

“Please Rav Tzadikov”, Arthur responded “after I have my Brit please call me Daniel. I’ve decided that just like a baby is given a Jewish name at his Brit Milah, I also want to begin using a Jewish name after my Brit!”

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