Welfare Network


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A Helping Hand, A Caring Family

For thousands of students and their families, the Shuvu network represents a warm and vital extension of their own family. Close to 45% of our students come from low-income or single-parent homes and benefit from our welfare support network. Our teachers are trained to detect signals of trouble at home and when necessary a school representative with follow up with a home visit to determine what kind of help is needed.

For all students, Shuvu teachers make bi-annual home visits to observe the environment in which the child is being raised and to assess their social and living conditions. These home visits encourage parents’ involvement in their children’s education and enables Shuvu to cater to each child’s needs.

Hot Lunches

For many Shuvu students a healthy and nutritious meal is a longed-for luxury. Therefore Shuvu provides a daily, hot lunch to approximately 6,000 children. This ensures each child’s physical welfare and enables them to maximize their academic potential in school. Left-over food is often sent home to families experiencing crisis situations.

Emergency Support

Given the socio-economic makeup of its student body, Shuvu teachers are often the first to become aware of their student’s distress. All too often, a child arrives at school with holes in his/her shoes or wearing slippers because their parents don’t have the money to buy new shoes. Shuvu’s welfare network springs into action to provide basics necessities for these types of needs.

When a six year old student from our Hadera school had a fire in her home her sister was killed and her father was badly injured. She and her mother were left with nothing. The Shuvu network immediately raised a substantial sum of money to get the family back on their feet and coordinated psychiatric support and counseling for our student.

During the Second Lebanon War when residents in the North of Israel were evacuated, Shuvu provided housing and food for students’ entire families in school buildings or by arranging hospitality at other Shuvu families and continued to support them for the duration of the war.

During Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, Shuvu arranged for thousands of its displaced students to attend Shuvu schools in their temporary places of residence enabling them to maintain a relatively normal routine. Special outings were arranged for those who stayed in shelters in the South to give them a break from the stress of crowded accommodations and missile attacks. Special Shabbat programs and seminars were coordinated too.

Shuvu is always there for its students and their entire family. Sometimes it’s something minor like a pair of shoes but when a personal or national emergency occur the needs are quite extensive.

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