Our students enjoying the Waterford program.

Shuvu’s curriculum is designed to help its students to meet and exceed Israeli national academic standards by offering additional hours of secular studies classes than recommended by Israel’s Ministry of Education. Shuvu’s teachers participate in annual training sessions to keep up-to-date with the latest pedagogical methods so they can implement the most effective teaching techniques in their classrooms.


Shuvu’s mathematics program is often up to two years ahead of Israeli public schools. Students receive 6-8 hours weekly hours of math, compared to 4-5 hours of math classes in Israeli public high schools.


Since hi-tech is Israel’s fastest-growing industry, Shuvu’s science curriculum focuses on technical training, and offers supplementary hours of teaching in this subject.


Shuvu has pioneered the use of the Waterford program, a unique technology-driven language program, which teaches students English from an early age using a computer program. Students of different proficiency levels are offered customized and comprehensive instruction and even beginners are soon able to conduct short, simple conversations. Student progress is monitored as they learn to speak English at their own pace through brilliant animation, video, rich color graphics, songs and rhymes and interactive experiments.

Religious Studies

Shuvu’s custom designed Jewish studies curriculum takes into consideration the distinctive needs of children and their families. Shuvu’s primary goal is to imbue a love for Torah and mitzvot in its students. As a result, the children develop a meaningful bond with the land of Israel and with the Jewish people. Since most of the student body come from homes which are not religious, teachers are careful to present Judaism in a joyous and non-threatening manner.

Shuvu has developed teacher’s manuals for teaching Jewish Holidays and other key Mitzvot. Shuvu aims to integrate Jewish topics also into secular studies and encourage discussion of their broader relevance. Due to their exceptional content and innovative approach, Shuvu’s manuals are now in great demand among teachers from mainstream schools throughout Israel.

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