Affiliate Schools

Creative expression at our after school programs.

In addition to Shuvu’s network of 42 schools, 25 additional schools are affiliated with Shuvu. Affiliate Schools are entitled to receive funding and support so they can service Russian immigrant children. Shuvu has invested in improving these schools’ infrastructure, facilities and enhancing their secular and Jewish studies curricula to attract and motivate Russian students.

Shuvu’s contribution to these 25 Affiliate Schools include:

New Buildings

Rent Payments

Computer Equipment

Books & Educational Materials (Math, Hebrew, Jewish Studies)

After-School Programs

Summer Camps

Passover Food Fund

Bar Mitzvah Programs & Tefillin Fund

Teachers’ Salaries

Outreach (Shaliach)

Shuvu’s 25 Affiliate Schools:

Ashdod (Pri Etz Chaim) Boys Elementary School

Ashdod (Pri Etz Chaim) Yeshiva High School

Be’er Sheva (Otzar Hachaim) Kindergarten

Be’er Sheva (Otzar Hachaim) Elementary School

Beit Shemesh (Kisalon) Rabbinical High School

Beit Shemesh (Kisalon) Post High school

Beitar (Letzion Berina/Bat Tzion) Boys High School

Beitar (Letzion Berina/Bat Tzion) Girls High School

Carmiel (Amchai) Kindergarten

Carmiel (Amchai) Elementary School

Haifa (Shaarei Torah) Kindergarten

Haifa (Shaarei Torah) Elementary School

Jerusalem (Nefesh) Girls Elementary School

Ofakim (Afikim) Kindergarten

Ofakim (Afikim) Elementary School

Or Yehuda (Michtav M’Eliyahu) Kindergarten

Or Yehuda (Michtav M’Eliyahu) Elementary School

Sderot (Yesodei HaTorah) Kindergarten

Sderot (Yesodei HaTorah) Elementary School

Tel Aviv (Shaarei Zion) Kindergarten

Tel Aviv (Shaarei Zion) Elementary School

Tiveria (Tiferet Tiverya) Elementary School

Yad Rambam (Shaarei Tzion) Elementary School

Yerucham (Torath Moshe) Kindergarten

Yerusham (Torath Moshe) Elementary School

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