Shuvu’s 64 schools and kindergartens offer Russian immigrants and native Israeli children excellence in secular and Jewish education. Our curriculum is enriched with a supportive welfare network and after school programs.

Shuvu strives to strengthen the Jewish people by providing a nurturing environment for underprivileged immigrant children and instilling Jewish pride in all our students from diverse backgrounds. In addition to the 64 Shuvu schools, Shuvu has 25 affiliate schools which together are currently reaching over 15,000 children and family members.

Our Dedicated Teachers

A key ingredient of Shuvu’s success is the devotion and generosity of its teachers. Shuvu teachers treat their students as if they were their own children, with warmth, care and respect. Shuvu teachers often offer additional teaching at no extra cost for weaker students as well as to those transferring from other schools. Shuvu’s teachers forge strong teacher/parent relationships. Every child receives at least two home visits a year from their homeroom teacher. If a child does not show up to school, the teacher will call their home that same day to make sure everything is okay. Certified by the Ministry of Education, all teachers participate in ongoing Shuvu seminars to improve their English and Mathematics instruction.

Shuvu’s Safe Environment

Shuvu schools offer students something that many Israeli schools cannot guarantee: a disciplined learning environment, free from drugs and crime.

Israeli schools have high violence rates. Nationwide survey statistics indicate that 78% of students and 17% of teachers have been victims of violence, and 15% percent of Israeli students aged 11-16 arrive at school armed for ‘self-protection’.

By contrast, at Shuvu schools the violence level is close to zero, with moral integrity and respect for one another as an implicit component of school ethos. Since Shuvu’s educational philosophy is one of warmth and nurturing, students are naturally protected from the less healthy aspects of society.

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