Natan Shransky at a Shuvu event

Prime Minister, Community Leaders & Ministry of Education Testimonials

(see also parent and student testimonials below)

“Shuvu is an important organization, which does an outstanding job in bringing children to love Israel. Shuvu is worthy of assistance, and should certainly receive it.”

Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu

“I am impressed by Shuvu/Return’s work with the Russian immigrant community. The children are benefiting so greatly from the organization and its many activities. The high-level math program is just one example of how Shuvu/Return is meeting the tremendous needs of our newest Israeli citizens.”

Mrs. Sarah Netanyahu

“I was once a prisoner in Russian prison – I was arrested for being a Jew and for wanting to come to Israel. I dreamt of being free, coming to Israel and learning about Judaism. You have the wonderful opportunity to have all of my dreams come true in Shuvu. Shuvu’s efforts allow thousands of Russian Olim to successfully integrate within Israeli society, and for this they are worthy of all blessings.”

Natan Sharansky

“Since my first meeting with Shuvu I can say this may be the most important educational institution that I know of in Israel. Shuvu Petach Tikva is the best school in our entire city. In reality, it is much more than just a school – parents receive there many interesting and vital services for themselves and their children.”

Yitzchok Ohayon, Mayor of Petach Tikva

“I believe strongly in investing in Jewish education and especially in education for children of Russian immigrants. This is a very important matter and I value all that your community does for Shuvu.”

Limor Livnat, Former Minister of Education

“The Shuvu school system should be utilized as an example to be learned from and duplicated by the Israeli public school system. It is important that it be known in Israel what Shuvu is accomplishing in the realm of education.”

MK Ronit Tirosh, Former Director General, Ministry of Education

“Such impressions which I got from Shuvu schools I haven’t experienced in close to 30 years! Shuvu understands what education is, and knows how to truly educate its students.”

Adi Hershkovitz, Asst. to the Financial Director, Ministry of Education

Parent Testimonials

“The education is (on) a very high level and the kids also get values that they are not getting in the regular schools, like giving honor to parents, helping other people, manners, which are very important to me.”
Osnat Freund, Shuvu Kfar Saba Parent

“The amount of positive energy which you can feel it in that school, I haven’t felt this in any other school.”
Chagit Lukatzsky, Shuvu Kfar Saba Parent

“My first idea of Shuvu came to mind when the education system failed… My daughter’s behavior changed dramatically. From being a wild kid, she’s become a person.”
Yuval Levy, Kfar Saba Councilman and Shuvu Kfar Saba Parent

“To see the development in our child as a result of being connected with Shuvu – she has just blossomed… Without a doubt Shuvu is, in my opinion, the best educational system available to us. There is a set of values that just does not exist in other schools.”
Eitan Campbell, Director of Masada Archeological Site, Shuvu Arad Parent

“What I find attractive in Shuvu is the high level of education, and the relatively small classes.”
Ella Shlafir, Shuvu Lod Parent

“The reason that I first went to Shuvu (was) something to do with the tradition… At Shuvu I receive regular updates as to what’s going on with my child. This is very important and gives me peace of mind.”
Tamar Gonzalez, Shuvu Lod Parent

Student Testimonials

“I came to Shuvu and I saw all this truth about religion beyond stigmas and stereotypes in the media and the news. I saw the people, I saw my teachers that they are religious people and they gave me a lot of inspiration.”
Tal Rabovski, Shuvu Jerusalem Graduate

“Shuvu is my second home! I very much love my Shuvu school and my friends there who don’t use curse words.”
Coral Shlafir, Shuvu Lod Student

“I came to Ashkelon and started to learn in Shuvu and from the 1st grade I learned about values and Jewish tradition. Just basically I learned about what I call a Jew. They gave me pride to be a Jew. After that I joined the army and I did tank courses. I fought in the second Lebanon War, and will always fight for my country – I don’t have another country. These are the values that Shuvu gave me.”
Alex Baradati, Graduate Shuvu Ashkelon

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