British Friends

Established in 2004, British Friends of Shuvu is Shuvu’s headquarters in the European Union. They are staunch supporters and keep the Jewish community abreast of Shuvu’s needs in Israel. British Friends runs an efficient office and organizes several fundraising events and awareness programmes.

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British Friends of Shuvu

17 Golders Court, Woodstock Road,

London NW11 8QG

Tel: 020 8209 3010

Fax: 0870 460 4997




Mr. David Blachman

Board members:

Mr. Mendy Bude

Mr. David Blachman

Mr. Shlomo Cymerman

Mr. Michel Gehler

Mr. Jizchak Kruskal

Mr. Henry Last

Mr. Benjamin E. Perl

Mr. Nechemia Scheinfeld

Mr. Manny Weiss

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