Shuvu’s Historic Global Fundraising Initiative

In the largest and fastest fundraising campaign in its 25 year history, Shuvu raised $1,702,712 in 24 hours last week. All donations were quadrupled, as three major donors agreed to match every dollar raised between 4pm BST on Monday 22 June and 4pm BST on Tuesday 23 June. But there was a catch! It was all or nothing, so if Shuvu hadn’t reached the original target of $1.6 million by Tuesday 4 pm BST, every donation would have to be returned.

The campaign known as ‘24 hours for Shuvu’ was run through the New York based Charidy organization, which has accrued much experience in these fast-paced fundraising activities. The Shuvu campaign was their largest to date, and left its managers in awe, seeing the vast popularity of the Shuvu network and its staunch support worldwide.

Shuvu’s campaign was indeed an international effort as operations rooms with computers, telephones and of course buffets of food were set up in four cities around the globe: Jerusalem, New York, London and Johannesburg. In each of these locations, dozens of volunteers and visitors worked around the clock calling and emailing relatives, friends and acquaintances, explaining Shuvu’s needs and asking for donations.

The Pillar Hotel in Hendon became the British Friends of Shuvu operations room, and with many friends and volunteers visiting throughout the 24 hours, it became a hub of activity, with many special guests arriving and giving their support including Dayan Y Abraham.

And when, after 23 hours, the target of $1.6 million was reached, the operations rooms across the globe erupted with excitement and jubilation. The campaign wasn’t at an end though, and so a bonus round was announced with the new goal of $1.7 million. A few minutes before the deadline of 4pm BST, we were delighted to see that not only had we reached the new target but surpassed it and euphoria spread through the various operations rooms across the globe.

And the true internationalism doesn’t end there, after looking at the donations we can see that donations for Shuvu came from not just Israel, America, South Africa and Great Britain, but also from many other countries including Belgium, Brazil, Canada and Switzerland.

Shuvu has had some very difficult years, with major budget cuts, and this campaign was part of the effort to pay off those overdue liabilities and secure continuity in our expansion efforts. More than ONE THOUSAND new students are expected to join the Shuvu network for the upcoming school year. The success of this campaign ensures that these children will be taken into Shuvu with open arms. New classrooms can now be fully equipped with computers and all other classroom essentials, ensuring that the new students will receive the excellent Jewish and secular education that Shuvu is famous for.

Shuvu’s Director ,Rabbi Chaim Michoel Guttermann could not hide his excitement after the great success, and commented that many donors have already approached him and the other Shuvu offices in the various countries, marveling over the success of this campaign, and requesting that the network run yet another mega-campaign next year, and for even greater sums.

LtoR Anthony Moshal, Danny Blum, Gavriel Green, Yomi Cohen and Dayan Y Abraham


Photo shows the London operations room L-R: Anthony Moshal, Danny Blum, Gavriel Green, Yomi Cohen and Dayan Y Abraham.

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